Our Virtual Process


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Our studio and showroom at Creole Jewellery Design is a relaxed atmosphere where clients enjoy individual attention.   By working directly with Creole and her son Trent you are communicating directly with the designer and goldsmith who will be creating your design.

Creole Jewellery Design incorporates a green philosophy.  95% of the components necessary for the completion of our jewellery projects are produced in our studio. Our old metals are recycled and refined.  We purchase local goods and services as much as possible.

Design Process

The design process begins by meeting face to face with our clients or by phone and email consultations.  At the meeting with our goldsmith designer we will gather your ideas and information on your budget.  If you are redesigning an heirloom piece we will measure all of your stones and weigh your gold.  If you have pictures of jewellery you like bring them with you and we will work on incorporating those concepts into the initial sketches. 

Once you are happy with the initial sketches and design concept we proceed to the next step.  If the jewel is to be hand fabricated we will proceed to completion.  If your jewel will be cast we will produce a 3D CAD render for your approval then the piece will be milled on our CNC mill, cast in platinum or gold, the metals will be finished and the gemstones set.   

With either process the result is an expertly crafted, beautifully stunning and unique piece of jewellery for you to enjoy for years to come.


CAD Designs

Creole Jewellery Design uses 3D CAD technology to create amazing designs that cannot be produced by hand.  This technology takes the design process one step beyond a hand sketch to a render that is 100% dimensionally accurate. Creating a great design, not just a good one, is the result of an eye for design coupled with the ability to explore and refine.  Our system allows you to see every detail of your design from all angels with life-like gemstones.

Your new design created by Creole Jewellery Design will have the accuracy and quality of a masterpiece and you can see it all before it’s even made.